As the very last month of my beautiful US life was so full of impressions, adventures and experiences, I will summarize it with some pictures.

It was an amazing East to South time with first Larissa & Matthew:

  • DC luggage struggles (Laura’s apartment did not open for me)
  • im Schlamm versinkende Lisa in Greensboro
  • National Whitewater Center in Charlotte (ziplines, climbing, incredible heat)
  • No bars for underaged humans
  • Biggest Aquarium in Atlanta with sharks, whales, crocodiles and sealions
  • Atlanta’s (suburb) tiniest firework on 4th July
  • Superlong drives and empty Montgomery (Alabama) with ‘horrible one way streets’
  • New Orleans, its galleries, French Quarter, cute shops but not umhauende Beignets at Cafe du Monde
  • Houston Space Center and beautiful Waterwall
  • the most stupid Highway from Houston to Austin (tolls, tolls, tolls)
  • Austin’s Graffity Wall
  • Laundry stealers
  • Airport hangouts

The Westcoast part with Annika, Thies and Basti was full of hiking, climbing and exploring adventures

  • Las Vegas’ fakeness
  • Hoover Dam’s crazy (real!) line with an Arizona and Nevada side (also different time zones)
  • Beautiful National Parks with hiking, missing the bus, more hiking
  • Colorful Route 66
  • Great and horrible Mexican restaurants
  • Overwhelming Grand Canyon
  • Risky handstands..
  • Missed sunrises
  • Gorgeous sunsets
  • Diverse, WINDY San Francisco with curvy, hilly streets, expensive streetcars, nice biking and a popular bridge
  • Schminking experiments
  • Car doubts
  • Freezing Lake Tahoe
  • Sad and nice DC

Let’s beach!

I got to join Matt’s family for their family Bethany Beach vacation, which was a lot of fun!


  • Went to a carnival
    • Rode a gravity ride: standing, no security but gravity while your feet lose the ground
    • Mastered the swinging pirate ship
    • Did not cry
    • Just screamed a bit
    • Finally had the great stomach feeling again
    • Sat on a kid’s horse and received irritated looks
  • Played (Surprisingly, I won most of the games, which turned me into the “star” for the kids 😉 )
    • Catan, Clue, 4 wins, Minigolf…
    • Pirates against girls (= Sarah and I)
    • Hide and seek
    • Water-sand-vehicle toy
    • A Video Game
  • Walked the beach and the boardwalk
    • had good ice cream
    • A bonfire with smores (not me, just chocy & Grahams)
    • Beach photo shootings
    • Had a bird poop on Jaden’s shoulder (who was not amused at all!)


  • Stopped by at the Rock State Park to see the waterfall on the way back
    • Took nice pics
    • Experienced exposing couple interactions
    • Had a romantic time
    • a lecture by the park officers

More pictures follow!

Let’s camp!

Time is running – in Lichtgeschwindigkeit – so I did not really get to write blog entries lately. Now, 4 days before my departure to the BIG adventure, I will take some time to report about the latest happenings.

My hosts took us camping! Their super cute granddaughter Kammy came along and their grandson Blaze joined us for 1 1/2 days, too, it was so much fun! However, it was not a hard-floor, bugfull, sleepless camping vacation! My hosts have a luxus RV with kitchen, microwave, 5 sleeping spots and TV, which enabled us to have a lovely family time in nature.

We went to the beautiful creek a couple times, rode our bikes a bit, had a camp fire with smores (not me though) and just relaxed. We had great weather and I had a great time chalk drawing rainbows and trains (or busses) on the road with Kammy! She even wanted to sleep with me in one bed, how cute is that?! She’s 5 years old and very talkative! Her 9-y. older brother Blaze is rather quiet and serious though but I really like both.

(Finally) Off to Gettysburg!

We made it! After a couple attempts to visit the Civil-War-history-loaded Gettysburg, we finally explored it. We went to a museum with a short film and 360 degree show, the Battlefield, Roundtop Mountain and we climbed the rocks to have a nice view.

Afterwards, we explored the city a bit and had dinner in the Dobbin House, where we dived into the Middle Ages. They serve old-spelled Sandwiches, Dishes and whole chicken parts in a dim-light, rustic atmosphere with waitresses in Middle Age dresses. It was neat!

My Last First Friday

Exciting weekend: First Friday, Gettysburg & flying LED Helicopters!

IMG-20160605-WA0024First Friday started with Olha and me recording “Radioactive” and “Numb” (Linking Park, not the Jay/Z Version) in Studio 117, which was fun! It is weird not to hear yourself only the music though, I fear I sounded terrible haha. I also got to play the drums again, which is so cool (but loud)! Afterwards, we explored Central Market, the Marketview Arts Gallery, where we met a nice lady from New Zealand, who played Irish piano music! I, as Olha’s promoter, of course advertised her so that Olha sang for her which impressed her so much, that she also wants to work with her! (But only if she can do Irish). #opportunities  Free Indian food, smoothie, Live Music & Cornhole at White Rose as well as Truth or Dare completed the fun night.


Go Orioles!

My first Baseball Game! In fact, my first live Sports Game ever! On Wednesday, Jo and Mike took Matt and me to the Orioles Game in Baltimore with their Life Group from LCBC. 20160601_183916

I don’t know a lot about Baseball, but I think I got the Basic rules. So I could mostly cheer when I was supposed to. If not, just follow the crowd (but watch their team!) ;-). It was fun but very long, it started at 7 and when we left around 11pm they were still playing. It was fun though! And it is not something you have to follow all the time, people chitchat, walk around this huge space full of Food & Beer places, shops and play areas. 20160601_190618

In between, there are always little funny distractions for the crowd like animated sausage races on the screen or Kiss Cams! (I didn’t even know that those really existed!). The baseball frequently flies into the crowd, so better wear a hat! One time, a man caught the ball and threw another one of the opposite team in the field. Some people were not amused xD

Thank you for taking us, Jo & Mike!!

Memorable Family time

IMG-20160530-WA0001As we came back from Disney, FL, on Sunday, we got to spend Memorial Day with Jo and Mike’s family & friends. They came to our house to inaugurate our new Back Patio, eat great food and get together! I got to meet a lot of new, very nice people, kids and dogs it was a party!



IMG-20160530-WA0002Kammy loves her brother Blaze, they are so cute! Tiny Kamden did a bunch of Kart wheels with her friend, the dogs had a blast  and everyone had a lot of fun!

Brazilian Birthday & The Amish Market

20160520_201905Oh SNAP, it’s already his birthday! Not really actually, but Giuliano celebrated a week before so that Han can celebrate with us before she leaves to Vietnam for the summer.IMG-20160529-WA0008

We went to the fancy Heritage Hills Resort and spent time in the Restaurant downstairs with 90% Brazilians. After dinner, we had smooth Brigadeiro desserts & cake and fooled around a bit.


20160521_15302220160521_145139Matthew and I went to the Shewsbury Farmer’s Market recently and discovered some nice Amish shops and places! (Not hard if you stop at every single item). And of course, we bought Pretzels. Soft and hard ones. And bread. And orange juice. And (…) But not the colorful sprinkles, no. Amish sounds really funny to me, knowing English and German. It sounds like taking a German word, mix with 20% of English and pronounce it with a half Colonian, half Dutch accent and verniedliche everything in the end:

Guder Daag – Guten Tag – Hello

Guti Nacht – Gute Nacht – Good night

Sehn dich schpeeder – Bis spaeter – See you later

Ich bin arrig schlecht – Mir geht es sehr (arg) schlecht – I am doing bad

Sis kiehl – Es ist kalt (kuehl) – It’s cold

And, my favorite:

Die Sarah iss die Glapperbax am schpiele – (Die) Sarah spielt Klavier – Sarah plays piano



Mickey, Nemo and Cinderella

Letztes Wochenende war es endlich soweit – we saw the Magical World of Disney and adventurous Universal!

It’s hard to put it in words, you just have to see it yourself. I have a bunch of pictures though to show you some impressions.

There is SO MUCH so see, explore, ride and do! Characters, Live Music, Shows around every corner! Ob Mickey, Acapella Singing, Stormtroopers or Marilyn Monroe, you will always find a surprise!

We went to all 4 parks in Disney (Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Epcot) as well as to (both Parks at) Universal. Important fact: Disney & Universal are HUGE competitors! So, don’t wear your Mickey Hat in Universal!

My favorite parts of the trip:

5. Ariel(le) Musical Show

My favorite Disney movie and childhood memory put in a brief Musical / Show

4.5 Monster Inc (AG) Interactive Show

An interactive Comedy Show with real comedians behind Monsters, who include around 5 random people from the audience into their jokes (Matthew needs to buy Churros for all of us!)

4. Rollercoasters: Revenge of the Mummy Ride in Ancient Egypt & Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit at Universal

Very fun, surprising Roller Coasters with great themes and even some backwards parts!

3.  Safari at Animal Kingdom20160526_132259

Ever wanted to visit Africa? It’s closer than you think – Animal Kingdom! We rode in a 12 people Jeep through a real Safari environment with Lions, Elephants, Giraffs and Corocodiles plus extraordinary Trees and plants!

2. Fireworks in Magic Kingdom and Light Show in Epcot fire

Stunning finals of the day: The Castle in Magic Kingdom was lit up with all different Disney movie themes, according Music and a flying Tinkerbell! The Laser show in Epcot (the worlds) was deeper and very impressive, too!

1. Epcot’s different worlds -> especially the Middle East & GermanyIMG-20160529-WA0130

If you enter the different worlds, you could really think you are in Maroc, Cambridge or China. It is impressive, how authentic the buildings, shops and staff are! In Germany, I talked to some German employees (Matt did, too), which was very cool and interesting!

0.5 Chinese Woman encountering

Between Cambridge and China, Giules took pictures of Matthew & me on a bridge in the sunset, when suddenly a Chinese woman joined him. Her and her ultra long lense professional camera took AMAZiNG pictures of us (under her instructions). Despite language barriers, we communicated enough to have gorgeous pictures and exchange email addresses. It was hilarious, super sweet and simply awesome! #CulturalExchangex4

Goodbye, Haaan!

I can’t believe how fast time was and is running. It feels like the fastest pace ever! Han is sitting in the airplane to Vietnam right now to visit family & friends over the summer. Which means I won’t see her before I leave and probably not within the next 2 years 🙁

On Monday, Han, Olha, Steph and I were hanging out one last time (together). We had dinner at Wild Ginger, fooled around, danced & sang and took over 300 pictures! It was a lot of fun!

Yesterday, Han and I went to Lancaster as she wanted to show me a very good, authentic Vietnamese Restaurant called Sai Gon Cafe. It was very very good and way too much! I ate like 20 % and was stuffed! I scored some points with my Vietnamese “Gammang” (Thank you, how I would spell it)! We face-timed with Olha so that she could be with us in the final moments. The saying Goodbye was sad.. both if us cried a little, especially when she told me how much I helped her, that made her try new things, made her more confident and crazy. However, she will have a great time in Vietnam, I’m excited for her. And we will skype, text and Facebook. Plus, they/she will visit me in Germany!!